Purpose The assignment is designed to evaluate your research, organization, and presentation skills and to enable you to share your advanced knowledge of a topic with your classmates. It is NOT a form of torture.

Content. The presentation should focus on the highlights of your paper. Discuss at least two different ways your individual has been portrayed (historically, literarily, and artistically) through the centuries.Which interpretations of his/her life and character do you find most persuasive and why? What do you think are the best  and worst sources? Did your research change your view on this person?

Format. Relax. No one has died from this assignment to date (Remember, you are standing in a classroom not at a pillory). Thanks to your research, you are the expert on the topic. In organizing your material, do not forget to introduce your topic, to stress important names, ideas, and events, and summarize your main points at the end of the presentation. Speak clearly, slowly, and loudly, and make frequent eye contact with your audience. Employ some means to help your classmates distinguish between important and less important items. Use visual and audio aids, if relevant. If using PowerPoint, please email them to me at least a day before in order to have a back up copy. Your presentation should take between 8-10 minutes. Points will be subtracted for presentations that are too short or too long. So please PRACTICE and TIME your presentation beforehand. At the end of class, turn in a brief outline detailing the main points of your presentation (you might want to give this as a handout to the class) and a short answer question from the presentation for the final exam (you should not give this out to the class).

Grading.  You will receive a grade for both the content and the format of your presentation.