The reflective essay will give you the opportunity to reflect and comment on what you have read, discussed, written, and learned over the semester and throughout your career as a history major.  The 3 - 5 page essay (750 - 1250 words) should address your development as a historian, with particular focus on your research and writing, both in this seminar and in other history classes.

 There are a number of questions you can ask yourself to facilitate writing this reflective essay.  What have you learned about conducting research from the various assignments this semester and in other history courses?  What types of assignments have you found most helpful?  Have your gained any new ideas about how to research and write history papers from your experience this semester?  In reflecting on your historical research, compare your first and second drafts of your research paper.  Also compare these with the writing you did in your first history classes.  What, if anything, have you learned?  What ideas or methods can you carry over from your classes at the College of Charleston to future writing projects?

 You may also want to consider the content of your courses, especially those in your concentration, and discuss the ideas or issues raised in these classes which have most affected your understanding of historical development.  Has your view of the historical process been altered or reaffirmed by your studies?  Have you been intellectually challenged as a history major?