UCN Course Number and Title                                    CofC Course Number


AMS 1013: Intro to Hollywood Films                           AMST 200-level

AMS 1007: American Culture, 1890-1950                   AMST 200-level

AMS 1009: Themes and Perspectives on                      AMST 200-level

American Society, 1865-1940

AMS 1010: Hollywood and History, 1775-1950          AMST 200-level

AMS 1012: American Pop Culture                               AMST 200-level

AMS 2003: Hollywood and Crime                               AMST 200-level

AMS 2005: Contemporary American Literature            AMST 300 or ENGL 346

AMS 2006: The American Century, 1914-90               AMST 200-level

AMS 2007: American Visual Culture 1950-2002          AMST 200-level (not AMST 200)

AMS 2025/26 (Special class for                          HUMS 200-level or BRST 400

International Students)

AMS 3004: American Popular Culture                          AMST 300

AMS 3005: Westerns                                                   AMST 300

AMS 3014: Electing the President                                 POLS 3MM

AMS 4002: American Studies Dissertation                    HIST 4MM

DRA 1004: Perspectives on World Theatre                  THTR 3MM

HIS 1001: Conflict and Diplomacy in the                       HIST 2MM/2EE

Twentieth Century

HIS 1003: Kings and Confessions in Europe                 HIST 233


HIS 1004: Introduction to Women’s History                 HIST 241

HIS 2001: British Society 1680-1820                           HIST 356

HIS 2002: Colonialism and Modernity 1650-2000        HIST 340

HIS 2006: Victorian Britain                                           HIST 357

HIS 2007: Policing, Punishment and Social

Discipline 1640-1945                                                   HIST 340

HRM 1001: Developing Personal Effectiveness             MGMT 1EE

HRM 1002: Introduction to People in                           MGMT 1EE


HRM 1004: Managing People                                      MGMT 1EE

IBO 2006: Issues in Small Business &                           MGMT 2EE


INS 2001: Information Systems for Business                 DSCI 2EE

LAW 2007: Organized Crime              

LIT 1001: Approaches to Literature:                             ENGL 2GG

Changing Genres

LIT 1006: Victorian Literature: Criticism                       ENGL 323

In Practice

LIT 1007: Victorian Literature:                                      ENGL 3MM

Contexts and Critical Strategies

LIT 2001: 20th Century Lit Criticism in Practice             ENGL 357

LIT 2002: Eighteenth-Century Literature:                      ENGL 318

Criticism in Practice

LIT 2005: Freud and the Modern Mind                        ENGL

LIT 2014: The State of Utopia                                      ENGL 395

LIT 2016: 20th Century Lit: Context, Criticism               ENGL 395

LIT 2017: Eighteenth Century Literature:                       ENGL 3MM

Contexts and Critical Strategies

LIT 3025: Renaissance Literature                                  ENGL 3GG/3MM

LIT 3027: Romantic Literature                                      ENGL 321

MED 1001: Introduction to Popular Culture                  COMM 383

MED 2010: Popular Fictions                                        ENGL 2GG

MED 2011: Film and Television Genre                          COMM 3MM

MKT 100: Introduction to Enterprise and                      MGMT 2EE


PSY 1003: Introduction to Psychology                          PSYC 103

PSY 2004: Personality and Social Psychology               PSYC 308

PSY 2007: The Psychology of Well Being                     PSYC 3MM

SOC 1002: Politics in the U.K.                                     POLS 1EE

SOC 1003: Politics of European Union                         POLS 339

SOC 1005: Socialisation, Conformity & Deviance         SOCY 339

SOC 1006: Sociology of Everyday Life                        SOCY 339

SOC 1007: Sociology of Industrial Societies                 SOCY 102

SOC 1009: Introduction to Media Studies                    COMM 214

SOC 2002: Globalisation and Development

In the 21st Century                                                        SOCY 349

SOC 2009: Family, Education and Social

Change                                                                         SOCY 1EE

SOC 2006: Politics in World Perspective                      POLS 103

SOC 2008: Sociology of Contemporary Europe           SOCY 359

SOC 2013: Aspects of Contemporary European

Politics                                                                         POLS 320

SOC 2028: Gender, Race and Representation              SOCY 349

SOC 2034: Media, Identity and Culture                        COMM 3MM


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